nutrition coaching

If you are looking to improve your nutrition, this is the service for you.

With KK nutrition coaching we start with the basics and aim to put you on the right path towards your desired goals.




There is no one size fits all, what might work for someone may not be the right plan for you but with keeping things simple we can guarantee you results.

We are not an advocate of any style of diet, we prefer to work with you using nutrition principles and to learn good habits to help you in the right direction.

We will empathise with you and we will be honest with what it takes to get to your goals.  Most of us are not fitness models or professional athletes so our full time job is not our diet therefor we do not expect your diet to be that way either. 

This is not a diet but a lifestyle change!!

Whats included

Nutritional Tracker

We will talk and embrace mindful eating. An unhealthy diet high in sugar and fat may be linked to poor mental health. You will learn about the links between diet, mood, emotional eating, and mental health with our food and mood tracker.

Daily Schedule

Get your questions and queries answered instantly. You will be helped to prepare and prep daily. A Little progress each day adds up to big long term results.

Weekly Goals

We encourage you to set yourself achievable targets to help change habits.  By crossing off a small goal each week it will encourage to drive on every week until you have reached your final goal set on day one.  We also talk about self care and the importance of time for you in our weekly coaching slot.

Great Recipes

Our recipes are suitable for everyone. To the person who lives alone and does not like to cook to the person with a big family. Our recipes are good wholesome meals to be enjoyed by everyone.

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