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Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, feel happier and more confident or just improve fitness. We have the drive and ambition to help people believe in themselves, to encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Having your own personal trainer can ensure you are in great hands, working towards any health goals. Age is no barrier; we train anyone from teenagers to 70 year olds.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, feel happier and more confident or just improve fitness.  We have the drive and ambition to help people believe in themselves, to encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle without the deprivation.

We will help you set achievable and realistic goals then set out a pathway for you to reach them.

We will be there every step of the way from the tough training sessions to providing nutritional advice.

Sessions include: Full assessment, Tailored Training, Ongoing support and motivation, Results.

Prices vary depending on packages and offers. Single pay as you go sessions and block discounted sessions both available.


Our unique client driven approach to fitness classes ensures excellent results regardless of your goals. Our instructors will ensure everyone is made to feel important and all level of fitness are welcomed.

Don’t panic if you are a beginner, we have lots of different variations and adaptions for all ability levels.

We are all about efficiency, do not worry about all the science mumbo jumbo leave that to us. All you must do is click the link below and choose a class you want to take part in.


Experienced instructors

Small & Large groups




For the busy person who still needs personal trained but cannot come to us, we will come to them over zoom for an online Personal training session. We will make sure to deliver the same level of service to our online clients. We get to know you and what your goals are, and we work with you to develop an exciting workout routine to develop maximum results for you.

Reach your Goals with Private One to One Personal Training in the comfort of your own home.

Personal training really is the best way to maximise the time you are putting into your health and fitness.

Sessions include: Full assessment, Tailored Training, Ongoing support and motivation, Results

Prices vary depending on packages and offers. Single pay as you go sessions and block discounted sessions both available


Helping women to reconnect with fitness. This is a group only for women to help build confidence and to learn more about their mental and health well-being. Talks and discussions on exercise, nutrition, and woman only health troubles. You will be added to a secret group on Facebook to make it easy to keep track and motivate as well as being accountable. You will benefit from daily positive vibes, encouraged to share pictures of your food and sweaty selfies after a workout but will also feel part of a team with 24/7 support.

There will be a minimum of 3 WODS (exercise programmes) posted each week to be done in your own time at home or in any gym you may be a member of.

All this can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, if you are attending personal training session or working out in a gym, it will all complement each other. The harder you work the bigger impact you will have.


Benefits: Nutritional advice, Weekly exercise wods, Feel part of a team, Builds confidence.settings.


The wanderers are passionate about running- we all know what a positive impact it can have on your physical and mental health and are always looking for new running buddies.

All the mentors got into running as adults, so we also understand, first-hand, how daunting that first run can be and the challenges of sticking to a programme.

For these reasons, we host a ‘Couch to 5K’ block at least three times a year. This is suitable for absolute beginners and those who have had a substantial break from running.  We meet once per week to keep you on track, provide additional support and guidance on important issues such as stretching and cross-training and at the end of the 8 week block we all take part in an official 5k run for time.

We encourage everyone who completes the block to move on to running with the wanderers and we have had some great success stories, with a former ‘Beginner’ completing a marathon.


Couch to 5K cost for 8-week block is £20 then after graduation, to join the wanderers it is FREE.


Our very own running group The Wanderers are a bunch of people who enjoy running together. We are affiliated with Jog Scotland four groups, walkers, interval walk/joggers, 5k runners and advanced distance runners. We meet twice per week for regular runs from The Klub. Saturday morning 9.30am and Tuesday evening 6.15pm.

We can all try to do this alone, but it is a known fact running with others spurs you own more. Running with others encourages you to push further and being accountable to others is proven to get results.

The wanderers during the year enjoy competing in events covering various distances from 5k charity runs to half and full marathons. Our walkers always get involved in the annual kilt walk and it is a great sense of achievement for all getting a shiny new medal.

Our runs are free to join and open to all levels.

Disclaimer: all runners run at their own risk – please make sure you are safe and fit to run.


Already feeling confident working out in the gym or at home alone but looking for a new programme to follow. A bespoke workout plan can be created with your individual goals in mind. We will consult with you over email to find out what your goals are and can work with you to develop an exciting workout routine to develop maximum results for you to pursue alone in your own gym or at home. The workout plan is easy to follow, and recommended sets and reps included. The 4-week workout schedule and optional meal plan is tailored to meet your specific goals in the fastest, and safest manner.

A well-structured training plan and diet regime are crucial for achieving your fitness goals. Because of this, I include them both in my personalised 4-week training programmes.


Benefits: Designed by a trusted personal trainer, Coaching points, Keeps your training fresh, Fast delivery.


Say I do, to the new you with our wedding bootcamp. This is suitable for any of the bridal party and guests.

This wedding boot camp plan was designed by KK. She has worked with many beautiful brides, mother of the bride and wedding guests and can guarantee results. 

We start your journey with a complimentary consultation and assessment, we will assess your goals and discuss what it takes to achieve these. We will educate you about how to break old habits and form healthy, long term habits so that exercise and healthy eating become part of your day to day lifestyle after the big day.

A pre-arranged plan means one less thing to think about, plus “workout” endorphins do amazing things for your mental health which will help you to destress leading up to the big day.  

Let KK take over on this fitness journey to ensure you look your very best on the big day. 


2 x 30 minute Weekly Personal Training Sessions

Unlimited Klub classes

Home workout plans

Nutritional support

Weekly support and motivation

Wedding de-stress


Buggy Beat is a fresh and modern session NOT just for postnatal mums, but ALL parents and guardians who look after babies and toddlers: mums, dads, grandparents, childminders, nannies and even nursery staff can join in these fun sessions!

Outdoor cross training class where baby/toddler comes along with you in the pushchair. Sessions are taken outdoors in the local parks and open spaces and includes warm up, cardio training, strength and flexibility.  It’s the perfect way to exercise in a group having fun, with your little one close by.

 What is Buggy Beat

Buggy beat is the brainchild of Rachel Holmes, an International Fitness Educator, who after having her son wanted to join an outdoor cross training class, to keep fit, and meet other parents without the hassle of expensive childcare. KK has worked along side her to ensure this class is delivered to a very high standard.

Invergowrie, Dundee West end and the carse community  have some beautiful outdoor space so you will also be enjoying beautiful scenery whilst training.

The link between regular exercise and positive mental health, increased productivity and efficiency is an amazing benefit, plus modelling to your little one how important regular exercise is what makes Buggy Beat a win-win.


Life Coaching is motivational, inspiring, positive, exciting and action driven it is all about empowering others to be able to create and achieve so much more in their life. KK can guide clients into digging deep inside and unlocking their true full potential. Everyone holds the right answers to their own success, KK just helps to guide along.

Coaching is about bringing clients on a discovery journey to find out who they really are, figuring out about their values and discovering if they are staying true to themselves in all aspects of life. KK will work through client’s beliefs and get them to see where improvements can be made, through eliminating disempowering beliefs and being more focused on empowering beliefs that can add more positivity and harmonious direction in your life. 

KK Health and Fitness, believes we all have it in us to achieve anything we truly want in life and coaching is an incredible tool to help guide anyone towards their goals.

Benefits: Holds you accountable, Confidence building, Learn about Self love, Guaranteed positive outlook. 

Prices vary depending on packages and offers.


Enhance your corporate wellness programs by offering fitness classes or a weight loss program at your office or corporation

Our comprehensive, personalised corporate wellness and fitness program can change lives while optimising health and productivity. We believe that the path to health and wellness is made of empowering lifestyle changes and that we can inspire people to be the champions of their own wellbeing.

Let us help you create a healthy workplace; we will consult with your HR department to custom-design a program to fit the needs of your employees.

We will also ensure that your corporate wellness programs: on-site or custom off-site fitness classes at our Klub are designed with your needs in mind. 

Let KK Health and Fitness do the work for you and provide you with professional, certified fitness instructors.


Benefits: Decreases absenteeism, Reduces health care rates, Improves employee morale, Increases productivity

Prices vary depending on packages and offers.

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The Klub is a training facility for everyone. Get ready to enjoy fitness the KK way and #standout.