Wow we are nearly one year in after hearing that shocking statement. “The country is heading into a national full lockdown”.

Previous months I spent excitingly preparing and planning to open a fitness studio, the beginning of April 2020 but yet here I was telling the joiners we had to stop work and go home.  The ‘’stay safe’’ words were on everyone lips and the unknown was terrifying. So we went home, our country was in lockdown and for me the fear of going outside was real.  I took the first week off to just ponder and spend quality time with my family. So many other fitness instructors had jumped online and were already delivering sessions over Zoom.  I had never even heard of Zoom and the thought of going online scared me more than the pandemic going on in the world.

Out of our comfort zone, myself, Abbie and Archie started the Online Zoom journey and to be honest we haven’t looked back.  It’s now a huge part of our timetable and thankful we were pushed into doing it and we kept it on the timetable when we opened.  The transition was easy for the lockdown 2, and Murray joined the team to deliver sessions, we giggled as he made the same silly mistakes we made at the start of our journey. It was a new thing to learn, yes we still make mistakes or the wifi lets us down but it will very much stay on the timetable.  It suits people, we have clients joining in that would never be able to travel to the Klub, it fits in around children napping, work breaks and early morning rolling out of bed, doing a workout and then hitting the shower.  No travelling.

Roller Coaster

Every week the emotions during lockdown 1 were a roller coaster ride up and down but our clients always knew how to lift our spirits while we were lifting theirs. Many a time I cried at the end of the Zoom session as I just wanted a sweaty cuddle or a big high five.   Challenges started each month and we all enjoyed some healthy competitions.  The support shown blew me away and gave me the strength to continue with the opening of The Klub, a place for our clients who supported us through the tough times and through some very dark days.  I wasn’t ready to give that all up, even during a pandemic.

So at home all the unseen work continued behind closed doors which felt like forever and when restrictions started to ease so the work to complete The Klub began again. News was brighter and there was light at the end of the tunnel.  I was excited and scared, the unknown of opening a new business in any times is scary but in the middle of a pandemic, well some would say darn right stupid!!! The summer months we were working to the guidelines with outdoor fitness and thankfully the weather was kind and everyone was keen to work out outside.  We have become a nation of ensuring our hands are clean, distance is made and masks on.  Our outdoor sessions were in small groups, all spaced out but yet still able to create a warm atmosphere.  Scotland opened our industry indoors at the beginning of September 2020.  However, we decided to delay the opening of The Klub until end of September, this allowed us to make sure safety for everyone came first.  We had waited this long, what was another four weeks….. RIGHT!!!

The opening wasn’t the Big Bang, look at us we are here!  It was done with class and a dignified manner, still very much respecting the rules.  The open day was not a drop in when you like but a very well planned schedule where people had to book a slot.  Partnerships formed with AB Sports, Art of Beauty and Blush Beauty.  All strong business women with a real connection to give our clients the best experience ……Fitness, Healing and Beauty !!!!!!!!!.

The Klub was up and running

The timetable was up and thanks to our lovely clients our classes were full.  The Klub was alive and it felt good.  It had a good vibe and electrifying atmosphere when you opened the doors.  Good music and laughter always heard. October month was when I felt confident that we could make this work, certainly did not feel that we would need to lock down again and how wrong was I .  The introduction of the Tiers worried me but I felt safe in The Klub.  You walk in, we take your temperature, hand sanitiser everywhere, spaced out area for individuals to work out, regular cleaning….. there was no way we couldn’t work within the restrictions and start to make a living.  Then again hit with uncertainty, news was bleak, rules kept changing and at times I felt I dint know what was going to happen.  I even delivered Christmas presents to my family in November, as was preparing for tier 4 in December not preparing to close the door of our beautiful Klub.

I am always honest and not shying away from my feelings.  Like many people, it was all getting to me. January was the one month in the whole Lockdown I struggled with the most, struggled to get up, struggled to shower, struggled to understand why we can be in a worse state now than at the start of all this.  If I had known a second lockdown was imminent I would have pursued with my dream to open The Klub. The questions were flying around in my head and no answers were flying around with those many questions. I am at home with my children alone, I felt I had jeapordised everything and could have nothing to show for it. I have always managed to give them so much and now here I am worrying about bills!!!  It felt the longest and darkest month and not being a stranger to mental health issues I was worried the colour was fading from the world again. I am blessed with love and lots of it, a strong family bond and have many friends. I surround myself with positive people including all my clients who bring so much joy but yet here I was feeling all alone and very much doubting my own belief.

I love to set a goal and my goal for February was to put the big girl pants back on and to take everyday as it comes.  I started on my lists again, nothing more satisfying than scoring off your list to do.  Write things down, get things done and score it off.  Goals smashed.  Never set goals that are not attainable nor achievable, set small goals as they lead to bigger ones…. And yes there is light again, spring is around the corner and the days are getting longer.  We have a new road map and not going to lie still getting my head around it.  Can we go back outdoors, do we wait for the tiers …. More questions flying!!! I am ok with the unknown at the moment.  The answers welcome, my positive head is in check and I am not flapping.  Even a set back of getting sick can’t bring me down.  Better days are coming and as always the safety of our clients will always come first.  There is no rush The Klub isn’t going anywhere!!!!!!